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Masterís Projects
Masterís Projects for 2011
Sean Fontaine
  • Replace Roof over lobby, and dining room, and replace A/C Units.
  • Replace Ceiling Titles in Lobby, and Dining Room.
  • Paint Dining Room.
  • Move Past Master Pictures into Lodge.
  • Reorganize Prep room and Add Shelf in closet.
  • Increase membership by 15 + Master Masons.

Masterís Projects for 2010
Junior Torres
Replace failing roof over lobby and dining room and A/C units the same area of the Lodge a 2 year project completed 2011.

Masterís Projects for 2009
Stephen Edson
  • Renovate all bathrooms with new toilets
  • Convert bathrooms off lobby to handicap accessible
  • Bathrooms at either end of the hall outside lodge room
  • Complete 2007 project in 2009
  • Tile donated and down with Masonic logo in the floor

Masterís Projects for 2008
Douglas Fusco
  • Replace air conditioners in dining room
  • Replace ceiling tiles in dining room
  • Re- finish floor in dining room
  • Start on renovating bathrooms

Masterís Projects for 2007
Jerry Torgerson
  • Remove carpet in lobby
  • Install ceramic tile (Completed in 2009)

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